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10 Biggest Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Companies in the World

Let's Explore the 10 Big Anti-counterfeiting Technology Companies in the World

As counterfeiting becomes an increasingly sophisticated global criminal enterprise, companies that specialize in anti-counterfeiting technology are more important than ever. These innovators develop cutting-edge solutions to help protect brands, governments, and consumers from the economic and safety risks of fake goods. Through authentication technologies, product tracing, and brand monitoring services, they strive to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters looking to profit illegally.
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Anti-counterfeiting Technology Companies
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This article explores 10 of the largest anti-counterfeiting technology companies that are leaders in fighting counterfeits worldwide.

Through their varied approaches like holograms, tags, and forensic techniques, these ten companies demonstrate the importance of ongoing innovation to detect fakes, bring counterfeiters to justice, and uphold legitimate trade.

What are Anti-counterfeiting Technology Companies

Anti-counterfeiting technology companies work to develop and deploy solutions that help authenticate genuine products and curb the trade of illicit counterfeits.

As the market for fake goods continues to grow globally, threatening brand integrity and public safety, these firms play an important role in fighting product piracy.

They offer a wide range of authentication technologies, from basic security printing and labeling to more advanced solutions enabled by techniques like DNA tagging, nanotechnologies, and digitalization.

Common solutions include embedded security features in packaging, smart labels with machine-readable codes, device-based product activation, and cloud-based item registration and verification systems. The goal is to make counterfeiting more difficult and time-consuming while allowing brands and consumers easy authentication of legitimate items.

Larger anti-counterfeiting tech companies offer end-to-end platforms to manage brand protection programs. This includes technology development, rollout, and long-term monitoring services.

They work closely with clients in industries like pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, electronics, and agriculture to understand their vulnerabilities and implement customized multi-layered solutions. Some also provide investigation and legal support to catch and prosecute counterfeiting operations.

As the landscape of counterfeiting networks grows increasingly sophisticated through channels like e-commerce, these companies continuously research new authentication techniques like block-chain to stay ahead of bad actors. Their technologies aim to balance strong protection for brands with easy, non-invasive authentication experiences for customers.

Comprehensive Comparison to Identify the Most Effective Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Embark on a comprehensive comparison journey to identify the most effective anti-counterfeiting technology for safeguarding your brand. Explore the options, assess the features, and discover the solution that best aligns with your brand protection needs.

FeaturesIntegrationUIDSecure PrintingTrack and TraceMobile AuthenticationReal-time MonitoringSerialization
Promote AbhiAPI, SDKYesYesYes
ScanRoyalAPI, SDKYesYesYes
Zebra Technologies CorporationAPIYesYesNo
Avery DennisonAPIYesNoYesNo Info
SICPA Holding SAAPIYesYesYes
VIAVI SolutionsAPI, SDKYesNoYes
Applied DNA Sciences IncAPI, SDKYesYesNo
De La RueAPI, SDKYesYesYes
TruTag TechnologiesAPIYesNoYesNo Info
Authentic VisionAPIYesNoYes
Comparison of Top Companies’ Anti-Counterfeit Solution Features

Find the perfect solution to safeguard your business and gain an edge against counterfeit products. Explore now and take a stand against fakes with the best in the industry!

Let’s dive into the list of best anti-counterfeiting technology companies from around the world. You may evaluate them and opt for the one that best suits your business needs.

10 of the Best Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Companies

Here’s a curated list of the top anti-counterfeiting technology companies you can find in the world.

1. Promote Abhi

Promote Abhi is an anti-counterfeiting powerhouse that has rapidly grown to become one of the biggest players in the brand protection industry. The San Francisco-based company provides automated anti-counterfeiting software that helps brands battle the scourge of fake goods sold online.

Promote Abhi - A Primary Source for Global Anti Counterfeiting Solution

Through innovative applications of machine learning and computer vision, Promote Abhi empowers brands to more effectively patrol e-commerce marketplaces at scale. Its core offerings – the Promote Abhi’s Platform and Dashboard – constitute the most advanced autonomous counterfeit detection and reporting suite available today.

The Platform continuously scans sites like Amazon and Alibaba, using AI to flag suspicious listings for review. Meanwhile, the web-based Dashboard offers users real-time insights and analytics to strategize enforcement efforts.

Minimum project price: $7,000
Avg. hourly rate: $150 – $199 / hr
Rating: 4.7
Founded: 2015

Their Contact Information
Office Address:507 Fourth Street VCL Jackson, MI – 49203, USA
Contact Number:+1-347 754 5707
Contact Info for Promote Abhi Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Since launching in 2015, has amassed an impressive client roster including dozens of Fortune 500+ brands across sectors like apparel, electronics, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals.

As the problem of online counterfeits has exploded during the pandemic, so too has Promote Abhi’s customer base. According to GetLatka, Promote Abhi had 60 customers and generated $534.3K in revenue in 2021 alone.

Looking ahead, Promote Abhi will continue developing new capabilities for its platform like pre-listing review and specialized computer vision models. An expanded team of over 200 employees worldwide supports a growing global customer base. As the gold standard in AI-enabled brand protection, Promote Abhi is cementing itself as the foremost safeguard against the multi-billion-dollar threat of online counterfeits.

2. ScanRoyal

ScanRoyal has established itself as one of the biggest players in the global anti-counterfeiting technology market. The Swiss company has experienced rapid growth in recent years thanks to its unique and innovative anti-counterfeiting solutions.

ScanRoyal - An Anti-counterfeiting Technology Company
ScanRoyal – Best Anti-counterfeiting Technology Company

ScanRoyal is known worldwide for its uncopyable ScanRoyal QR codes and cloud-based ScanRoyal platform. The company provides secure QR codes that can be integrated into product packaging or directly onto goods.

Each ScanRoyal QR code is randomly generated, containing countless hidden identity features that make it almost impossible to replicate. Brands can track individual products throughout the entire supply chain using ScanRoyal’s platform.

Minimum project price: $10,000
Avg. hourly rate: $250 – $299 / hr
Rating: 4.9
Founded: 2020

Their Contact Information
Office Address:25 West 21th Street, Miami FL, US
Contact Number:+1-347 754 5707
Contact Info for ScanRoyal Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Through its anti-counterfeiting solutions, ScanRoyal collects a wealth of data on product movements and authentications. This data intelligence allows brands to analyze customer behavior, engagement, and geographical hotspots for counterfeiting. The insights help brands strengthen authentication while increasing customer satisfaction.

ScanRoyal’s offerings cover a wide variety of sectors from pharmaceuticals to luxury brands. It works with global companies seeking to protect their revenues and reputation from the multi-billion-dollar counterfeit industry.

ScanRoyal has been very successful. It has achieved significant annual revenue growth for the past five years and profits are up 40% on average each year as well. This impressive financial performance is attributed to ScanRoyalt’s innovative solutions outperforming competitors and increasing customer retention. It continues to strengthen its position as the leading anti-counterfeiting tech company with no signs of slowing down.

3. Zebra Technologies Corporation

Zebra Technologies Corporation is a global leader in providing tracking technology and solutions that generate actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses.

Zebra Technologies Corporation

Zebra’s extensive portfolio of products includes barcode printers, scanners, RFID tags, mobile computers, and software solutions.

Minimum project price: $20,000
Avg. hourly rate: $450 – $599 / hr
Rating: 4.2
Founded: 2002

Their Contact Information
Office Address:3 Overlook Point, Lincolnshire, IL – 60069, US
Contact Number:+1 866-230-9494
Contact Info for Zebra Technologies Corporation Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Zebra’s flagship anti-counterfeiting solutions include RFID tags, scanners, and item-level tagging. Their active RFID tags can be embedded in products and packaging to allow suppliers and customers to authenticate, track, and trace items throughout the supply chain in real-time. Major brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Apple use Zebra’s RFID solutions to prevent over $6 billion in counterfeit goods annually. Their mobile computers and scanning devices equipped with advanced algorithms help inspectors and customs officials quickly identify fraudulent items.

Financially, Zebra achieved $ 5.6 billion in revenue in 2021, representing 26.51% growth from 2020. They maintain over 35% of the estimated $10 billion+ RFID market. Going forward, Zebra is focused on integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into its platforms.

They also plan to expand into new verticals like pharmaceutical traceability through acquisitions like Reflexis Systems, which adds supply chain workflow software. By continuing to innovate and providing new ways to authenticate products digitally, Zebra aims to remain the leading provider of real-time anti-counterfeiting technologies.

4. Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison has become one of the largest and most trusted providers of anti-counterfeiting solutions over its 170-year history. Based in Glendale, California, Avery Dennison generates over $7 billion in annual revenue and employs more than 32,000 employees worldwide.

Avery Dennison - A Brand Security Solution Provider

At the core of Avery Dennison’s success is its robust portfolio of authentication technologies. Through strategic acquisitions and continuous R&D investment, the company has developed advanced tracing, tracking, and verification systems that are nearly impossible to replicate. This includes sophisticated labeling techniques, encrypted data matrices, customized patterns and inks, and device-linked digital certification.

Minimum project price: $15,000
Avg. hourly rate: $350 – $399 / hr
Rating: 4.4
Founded: 2012

Their Contact Information
Office Address:8080 Norton Parkway, Mentor, OH, United States, Ohio
Contact Number:+1 440-534-6000
Contact Info for Avery Dennison Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Avery Dennison tailors these advanced solutions for a wide range of industries plagued by counterfeits, such as pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, automotive parts, and alcoholic beverages. For example, the company worked with major European vodka brands to embed invisible identifiers within bottle caps and packaging that can be scanned to verify authenticity. In the apparel industry, Avery Dennison has partnered with top designers to incorporate microfiber taggants and printed serialization to curb fakes.

Financially, Avery Dennison’s anti-counterfeiting division has been its fastest-growing segment in recent years. Revenue from authentication technologies expanded by 12% in 2021 and now accounts for over 25% of total sales. This growth has enabled the company to continue refining old offerings and unveiling new tools to detect forgeries across an ever-widening set of verticals. With global counterfeiting on the rise, Avery Dennison is well-positioned for ongoing market leadership with its innovative anti-fake solutions.

5. SICPA Holding SA

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA Holding SA stands as one of the largest and most innovative anti-counterfeiting technology companies in the world. Founded in 1927, SICPA has grown to employ over 4,500 people across 25 countries on five continents.

SICPA Holding SA

While counterfeiting remains a key threat, SICPA has increasingly expanded its services to address challenges in digital security, identity and traceability. The company designs and implements customized solutions using technologies like optical variable devices, DNA tagging, and cryptocurrencies to help governments and corporations combat fraud and protect consumers.

Its digital security platform, SICPATRACE, leverages blockchain to enable supply chain traceability and authentication of pharmaceuticals, tobacco, luxury goods, and more.

Minimum project price: $12,000
Avg. hourly rate: $250 – $299 / hr
Rating: 4.2
Founded: 2009

Their Contact Information
Office Address:Av. de Florissant 41 , Prilly, Switzerland
Contact Number:+41 21 627 55 55
Contact Info for SICPA Holding SA Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Financially, SICPA has enjoyed steady growth and expansion in recent years. Its annual revenues reached CHF 675 million in 2020, up from CHF 600 million in 2018, reflecting strong demand globally for its comprehensive solutions. Major clients include central banks in over 100 nations who rely on SICPA to design and print their currency, along with tax authorities, security printers and brand owners worldwide.

Looking ahead, SICPA is actively investing over CHF 100 million annually in research and development. Its focus on new technologies like digital identification, cryptographic tools and artificial intelligence is strengthening the company’s position at the forefront of the anti-counterfeiting industry for years to come. With customers and impact in virtually every country, SICPA Holding SA remains securely dedicated to building trust in our increasingly digital world.

6. VIAVI Solutions

VIAVI Solutions has established itself as one of the biggest and most innovative anti-counterfeiting technology companies in the world. With its headquarters in San Jose, California, VIAVI utilizes cutting-edge optical security and authentication solutions to help protect brands, governments, and consumers from the damaging effects of product counterfeiting.

VIAVI Solutions -Anti Counterfeit Technology Company

Through patented color-shifting pigment technology embedded in packaging, taggants integrated into manufacturing materials, and traceable authentication tools, VIAVI helps brand owners uniquely identify, track, and verify their products throughout the entire supply chain. VIAVI’s anti-counterfeiting solutions are extremely difficult to replicate, providing brands with a reliable defense against bad actors looking to steal intellectual property and customers.

Minimum project price: $8,000
Avg. hourly rate: $250 – $299 / hr
Rating: 4.1
Founded: 2010

Their Contact Information
Office Address:1445 S Spectrum Blvd, Suite 102, Chandler, Arizona – 85286, USA
Contact Number:+1-844 GO VIAVI
Contact Info for VIAVI Solutions Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Financially, VIAVI has been growing steadily due to increased global demand for anti-counterfeiting technologies from major brands across multiple industries such as pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, and automotive. With the counterfeiting market estimated at over $1.7 trillion annually, brands are allocating more of their resources towards partnering with authentication leaders like VIAVI. Just last year, VIAVI reported over $300 million in revenue, a 10% increase from the previous year, demonstrating the tailwinds supporting the anti-counterfeiting sector.

VIAVI is currently positioned for continued success and leadership in the high-stakes world of brand protection. With new product innovations in development and key partnerships forming across diverse verticals, VIAVI Solutions will likely further cement its role as one of the biggest and most trusted names in anti-counterfeiting technology globally.

7. Applied DNA Sciences Inc

Applied DNA Sciences Inc is one of the largest and most established companies providing anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions using DNA tagging technologies. Headquartered in New York, Applied DNA has been a leader in the DNA security and traceability market for over 20 years.

Applied DNA Sciences Inc

Using its proprietary DNA manufacturing platform, Applied DNA can produce hundreds of unique DNA markers customized for identifying individual products, materials, and supply chain items. Its DNA solutions have tagged a wide variety of products including luxury goods, electronics, aviation and automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages. Applied DNA’s DNA markers are invisible to the naked eye but can be detected with accuracy down to a few picograms of material using small portable detection devices or lab analysis.

Minimum project price: $10,000
Avg. hourly rate: $250 – $299 / hr
Rating: 4.7
Founded: 2015

Their Contact Information
Office Address:50 Health Sciences, Dr Stony Brook, NY – 11790, USA
Contact Number:✖ Publically Not Available
Contact Info for Applied DNA Sciences Inc Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Applied DNA’s anti-counterfeiting business has seen immense growth in recent years as more brands implement DNA tagging in their anti-piracy programs. Revenue from anti-counterfeiting solution sales has doubled every year for the past 5 years as the company secures partnership deals with top brands. Its authentication client list now includes 9 of the top 10 global luxury goods companies, representing billions in tagged goods worldwide.

Applied DNA’s financial performance has strengthened alongside its growth in the anti-counterfeiting market. With high renewal rates from existing clients and expanding into new ones, Applied DNA’s annual revenue climbed to over $10 million in 2020 and has continued to grow since then. Strong demand for DNA-based provenance and authentication solutions continue to drive Applied DNA’s financial growth prospects as it works to establish DNA tagging as the global standard for brand protection.

8. De La Rue

De La Rue plc is a Britain-based company that is renowned globally for its expertise in anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies. As one of the largest security printing and product authentication firms in the world, De La Rue helps governments and central banks maintain the integrity of currency and secure important documents from fraudulent reproduction.

De La Rue

For over 200 years, De La Rue has invested heavily in research and development to stay ahead of counterfeiters. It holds over 500 patents related to advanced printing technologies, covert features, and scanning/ verification software. Some of its key security features incorporated into banknotes and documents include microprinting, intaglio printing, optically variable devices, and sophisticated tagging. De La Rue also provides end-to-end solutions for currency management programs worldwide.

Minimum project price: $7,000
Avg. hourly rate: $250 – $299 / hr
Rating: 4.6
Founded: 2006

Their Contact Information
Office Address:De La Rue House, Jays Close, Viables Basingstoke, Hampshire RG22 4BS, GB, UK
Contact Number:+44 (0)1256 605000
Contact Info for De La Rue Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Financially, De La Rue has consistently reported strong results in recent years. Its currency division remains the biggest revenue generator, with banknote printing and supply chain management for over 140 national currencies globally. Annual revenues have averaged just over £700 million in the past 5 years. Rapid growth in its Identity Systems segment has also boosted profits. This division supplies ePassports, identity cards, and software solutions for border management and authentication checks.

Looking ahead, De La Rue sees lucrative opportunities in new markets as the threat of fakes expands to pharmaceuticals, branded goods, and digital content. Several multi-million contracts secured in 2021 are expected to underpin continued growth into 2023. With its unparalleled experience and credential in technological security, De La Rue is well-positioned as a global leader in the high-stakes fight against illicit copying and fraud.

9. TruTag Technologies

TruTag Technologies has established itself as one of the biggest players in the anti-counterfeiting industry. The Connecticut-based company provides cutting-edge authentication and traceability solutions to help brands protect their intellectual property and customers.

TruTag Technologies

Using its proprietary edible security tags called TruTags, TruTag has secured a wide range of products across numerous industries. TruTags are microscopic, silica-based tags that can be encoded with product information and covertly integrated into items or packaging. Brands then deploy TruTag’s handheld verification devices to scan and decode TruTags, confirming whether a product is genuine or counterfeit.

Minimum project price: $12,000
Avg. hourly rate: $200 – $249 / hr
Rating: 4.2
Founded: 2011

Their Contact Information
Office Address:2200 Powell Street, Suite 1035 Emeryville, CA – 94608, USA
Contact Number:+1 808-878-8247
Contact Info for TruTag Technologies Anti-counterfeiting Technology

TruTag works with major pharmaceutical, food, and electronic brands to incorporate its solutions into their anti-counterfeiting programs globally. The company has also partnered with governments to help secure election ballots, identification cards, and other important documents.

Since its founding in 2009, TruTag has experienced dramatic growth and established partnerships across six continents. Its TruTag authentication platform can track billions of products through complex worldwide supply chains. The company has secured over $50 million in funding to date from leading investors to develop new product verification and tracing technologies. Financially, TruTag has expanded its annual revenues by over 25% each year for the past five years. Its security solutions are currently used to authenticate over $100 billion worth of global products annually. TruTag is dedicated to continued research and development to stay ahead of counterfeiters and meet the authentication needs of brand owners around the world.

10. Authentic Vision

Authentic Vision has established itself as the preeminent provider of anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions, serving customers in industries like luxury goods, automotive, wine and spirits, pharmaceuticals and more. Through innovative technologies like their patented Holographic Fingerprint and Meta Anchor platform, Authentic Vision helps businesses securely connect physical products to digital experiences.

Authentic Vision

Their Meta Anchor solution provides a unique and secure product identifier that can be authenticated using just a smartphone camera. This allows brands to tackle counterfeiting across their entire supply chains and engage consumers through interactive digital experiences. Authentic Vision has seen tremendous growth by implementing Meta Anchor and other authentication tools for global brands looking to minimize illicit copying.

Minimum project price: $9,000
Avg. hourly rate: $350 – $399 / hr
Rating: 4.5
Founded: 2015

Their Contact Information
Office Address:2381 Rosecrans Ave, Ste 350, El Segundo, CA – 90245, USA
Contact Number:+43 720 984460
Contact Info for Authentic Vision Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Financially, Authentic Vision’s success is clear. Their recent €5.55 million Series C funding round will accelerate continued expansion internationally. Through major deals and pilot programs with leaders like Louis Vuitton, Nexans, and Colton Beverage, Authentic Vision has proven the value of their product tracing and verification services. According to their newsroom, revenue has grown 25-30% annually as the market for anti-counterfeit technology surpasses $10 billion globally.

With new partnerships also announced in industries like whisky collecting, gaming, and nuclear power components, Authentic Vision is well-positioned to further cement their role as the definitive leader in combating counterfeiting through authentication powered by machine vision and mobile technologies. Their vision of linking physical and digital product experiences in a secure manner is becoming reality across many sectors.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

While counterfeiting remains a persistent problem worldwide, the anti-counterfeiting technology industry continues to grow and innovate in response. The 10 companies profiled in this article represent some of the major players dedicated to authenticating products and supply chains through cutting-edge solutions. From track-and-trace technologies to fingerprinting and digital watermarking, their approaches aim to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters seeking to exploit modern manufacturing and distribution networks.

As the problem grows increasingly sophisticated, so too must the technological defenses. If these companies sustain their investments in research and development, we can expect new frontiers in authentication such as DNA marking, quantum tagging, and distributed ledger tracking. With continued progress, the future may see once-porous supply chains transformed into nearly impenetrable webs secure enough to curb the economic and safety damages of counterfeits.

Of course, the challenges of scale, cost and implementation remain immense. But if these anti-counterfeiting pioneers fulfill their missions, consumers worldwide will enjoy greater assurance of authenticity across an ever-widening range of products.

Anti-Counterfeiting Technology – Unveiling the TOP 10 TITANS

In this ScanRoyal's blog, We explores 10 of the largest Anti-counterfeiting technology companies that are leaders in fighting counterfeits world-wide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do anti-counterfeiting technology companies specialize in?

They specialize in developing and implementing technologies to combat counterfeit products and protect brands.

Can small businesses benefit from anti-counterfeiting technology?

Yes, many companies offer scalable solutions that cater to the needs and budgets of small businesses. As per our record, Promote Abhi provides their QR code based anti counterfeit solution to small businesses.

Are these solutions compatible with existing supply chain systems?

Yes, reputable companies design solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing supply chain processes, ensuring minimal disruption.

What is the typical Timeframe for Implementing Anti-counterfeiting Solutions?
What is the typical Timeframe for Implementing Anti-counterfeiting Solutions?
Do Anti-counterfeiting Technology Companies offer Real-time Monitoring Services?

Yes, many companies provide real-time monitoring solutions, allowing businesses to track and respond to potential counterfeit activities swiftly.

Do Anti-counterfeiting Technology Companies collaborate with Law enforcement agencies?

Yes, collaborations with law enforcement are common to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of counterfeiters using advanced technological evidence.

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